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Some common septic system questions answered.

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postheadericon How often do I need to have my septic tank pumped?

Septic tanks need to be pumped every 3-5 years, depending on the size and lifestyle habits of your household.  A family of two or less will generally need their septic tank pumped about once every 5 years or so.  For a family of three or more, you can expect to have your tank pumped approximately every 3 years.

Remember though, that these are general guidelines and that your household's lifestyle will effect your septic system's performance.  If you are experiencing problems such as slow draining, bubbling toilets, or backups your tank probably needs to be pumped.  Contact us and schedule with Franklin's Septic & Vacuum Service today!


postheadericon Why should I worry about maintaining my septic system?

If you don't properly maintain your septic system, your drain field can fail, and no one wants that to happen.  A failed drain field is expensive and can make a real mess of your yard.  And if you think that is bad, just wait to see what it can do INSIDE your home if the drain field fails.


postheadericon How long will my drain field last?

If you properly maintain your septic system, you can expect your drain field to last an average of 30-45 years.


postheadericon Is there anything else I should know about?

Remember that your septic system can be effected by outside influence.  Check for leaks in your plumbing fixtures and pay attention to the condition of your drain field.  A leaking toilet or dips in the yard over field lines can flood your system and cause it to fail.

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